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Popular methods: cryptocurrency, Bank Payment(contact us via email for bank details)



Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption



Trading via our Mobile App is comming soon



Reasonable trading fees for takers and all market makers

About Us

Fraud in online commerce is a growing problem and causes billions of dollars of damage every year. Existing online payment methods usually focus on fast processing, but do not offer sufficient protection for both buyers and sellers. A secure alternative is to use a lawyer and his escrow account, but this is time-consuming and cumbersome.

In order to provide everyone with access to secure escrow payments, Yavan Brar and Frankie Tierney launched High Spirit Escrow in 2018. At that time, High Spirit Escrow was conceived as a pure end customer project for digital euro payments in Germany and Europe. Today, we process trust payments in 119 countries and 6 currencies - for private customers as well as for companies and platforms.

We offer Cryptocurrency payment and Bank transfer payment as our 2 escrow payment methods.


How does Escrow work – our 4 step guide


Create an escrow payment or join an escrow payment

As buyer or seller, create an escrow payment for the goods or service and then invite your business partner to sign up on the platform. If you have received an invitation, join it.


Buyer deposits the money on the escrow account

After your business partner has accepted your invitation or you have joined the escrow payment, the buyer deposits the agreed amount of money in the insolvency-protected escrow account by BTC.


Seller hands over the goods or service

High Spitit Escrow informs the salesman about the safe receipt of money and he can arrange now carefree the delivery of the commodity or the contribution of the service.


Seller receives the money in real time after approval

After the buyer has received and verified the goods or service, the money is irrevocably transferred to the seller. The seller can now withdraw the amount free of charge.



The seller does not receive the money until the buyer has received and verified the goods or service. The release must be made via the High Spirit Escrow account of the buyer.

What happens if the seller does not deliver or if the product/service has defects?



The buyer cannot withdraw the money without the express consent of the seller. It is not necessary to pass on bank details to the buyer.

What happens if the buyer does not release the money?

Message Us

Kindly leave us a message in case you want to do a bank transfer payment instead of crypto currencies. Feel free to message us if you have any question, thanks.